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Look here for my favourite people, places and things when it comes to personal and professional learning, adding new elements to my business toolbox or simply finding inspiration and comfort. There is nothing magic about these particular resources…just because they are my cup of tea doesn’t mean they will appeal to you. Check out the ones that resonate with you; leave the rest.


Check out www.tut.com to sign up for your free, personalized “Note from the Universe”, sent to your inbox each weekday morning. They are a great way to start the day!


Alternatives Library

St.James’s Church, Piccadilly, London

This site is a treasure trove of free audio material from many of the world’s top authors and presenters in the fields of spiritual awakening and personal development. http://www.alternativesmultimedia.com/The above link will take you to a page where you can sign up for free access to their growing library. I have been a member for years and only receive a monthly newsletter with highlights for the next month…no sales pitches!


Click on today’s topic to read the complete note. Once there, you can sign up for “Today’s DailyOM” to be delivered to your inbox. The site has books, CD’s, gifts and courses for sale, but the DailyOM is free. Some of their products are quite good value. They have daily specials (usually half price or better) and many of the courses are “pick your price”.


Below is the table of contents from a recent “Solo Entrepreneur” newsletter.  There is always a great variety of topics covered by people who are widely regarded as experts in their field. The subscription, as well as most of the information and recommended resources are at no cost.  I have found some great tips over the time I have been a subscriber.  You won’t be able to click on the links you see below, but can click here –>  Solo-E.com to access their home page and get your own subscription.


In This Issue:

Note From Terri:
Five Website Musts to Convert Visitors to Subscribers

What Trumps Budgeting Every Time For Generating More Money

Personal Dev:
Creating BIG Incomes Requires Taking BIG Actions

Business Basics:
You Are Cordially Invited to NOT Pay Attention

Mktg Basics:
Three Tips to Improve Your Writing Rhythm

Internet Mktg:
How to Make Your First Video and Upload it to YouTube

Multiple Streams:
Is Multi-Tasking Hurting Your Business and Bottom Line?

Blog Bits:
Collecting Client Testimonials Using the Before/After Template

Recommended Resource:
Global Social Media Managers Association, GSMMA